Event Creation Nation - The bunch

Sooo, Its been a while. Thats because I have been roadtripping, and been unable to write. After Åre and Girlsdayout-days, me and Maria continued on to Björnrike for The Bunch Event -  Creation Nation.
MAN! that course was sooo much fun. Creative, playful, different. Loved it.
 ( Photo; Albin Olsson )
Got to meet alot of new freinds and international skiiers aswell, Matt walker, T. Yater-Wallace, Woodsy, Ahmed dadali, are just a couple of them.
( Skier; Ahmed Dadali, Photo: Benny )
This event skiing, and the skiers on it, are inspiring me, because, Its simple and creative and not tooo big. Just playing with what you have and create.
( Skier;Marcus Ohlsén)
Thats how I like skiing and these are some of the most creative skiiers in the world, its inspiring to be around because everyone are so individual and creative in their own way. I like that in thats what made this event so giving to everyone on it.
Happy to been there, and looking forward to next year when I can ski better. ;)
// IDA


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