Freeride weekend Åre.

Back in Åre!
Freeride weekend it it. Last week of skiing, since Sälen and Kläppen is now Closed. Happy to meet up with all friends coming together up here.
( Pictures from last week coaching on GirlsDayout, and reunited with friends in Åre)

Kim Boberg session

Once we hit the road back in Kläppen we stopped by Kims place.
 And the next day we were welcome to go hangout at Kim Boberg session ( :D )
Skoter, motorcross, ski and snowboard session at the same time! Awesome combo and inspiring to see.
Kläppen is at its best these days! Thank you Kim!
// IDA

On the road - Picked up a x-game gansters on the way.

Roadtripp continues.
We decided to go from Cretion nation in Björnrike, to Norway. But this time we didn't roadtripp alone.
On the gained +2 gangsters along the way.  Ahmed Dadali, ( Real talented x-game street skier ) and Benny, from US.
They so bad wanted to come with to see more of Sweden and evntually come with us back to Kläppen ( my home mountain - For  the private event of Kim Boberg session ). The car was so stuffed with equipment that one could barely move back there! Haha, but we managed to bring these two outlanders with us on our ongoing adventure!
MAN WE HAD FUN! These two have the best sense of humor, and our 2 days off to Norway and then Sweden was built on laughter, fishing, exploring and just having a good time.
( we taught them how to say *Im gansgter in Swedish* , wich was most hilaroius thing I've heard in a long time! ( See the Instagram video update!!! )
HAHA, Soo awesome to meet u guys, Happy that you asked to join, and we'll see each other soon on adventure again!!!!!!!!
// IDA